1) [C] used for referring to an object that you cannot or do not want to refer to in a more specific way
What's that thing over there on the table?[/ex]
It's one of those gadget things, isn't it?[/ex]
It's a thing used for looking inside people's ears.[/ex]
2) things
[plural] the objects that belong to a particular person or are used for a particular purpose
I'll pack my things for the trip tomorrow.[/ex]
3) [C] an action or activity
I have a lot of things to do today.[/ex]
I gave back the money. Did I do the right thing?[/ex]
4) [C] a situation or event
A funny thing happened to me today.[/ex]
I think we should just forget the whole thing.[/ex]
She doesn't find that kind of thing funny.[/ex]
Don't make a big thing out of this (= behave as if it is more serious than it really is) – I just said I'd be late![/ex]
5) [C] an aspect of a situation, or a quality that someone has
If you could change three things about your job, what would they be?[/ex]
The thing I really like about Theresa is her sense of humour.[/ex]
The funny thing is, I miss him now.[/ex]
It's a good thing that you don't need to work late.[/ex]
6) things
[plural] used for talking about a situation in a general way
Things have been getting better lately.[/ex]
The police soon got things under control.[/ex]
7) [C] an idea, comment, fact, or subject
There are some interesting things in your report.[/ex]
I have a few things to say to you.[/ex]
If anyone asks you what I said, don't say a thing.[/ex]
among other things — used for saying that there are other details, examples etc in addition to the ones that you are mentioning[/ex]
He's a liar and a thief, among other things.[/ex]
be seeing/hearingthings — to think that you see or hear something that is not really there[/ex]
first thing (in the morning) — early in the morning[/ex]
first thing (in the morning) — at the very beginning of the day[/ex]
for one thing — used for saying that the reason or example that you are giving is not the only one[/ex]
Well, for one thing, I'm not tall enough to play basketball.[/ex]
last thing (at night) — late at night, before you go to bed[/ex]
the thing isspoken used for introducing an answer, comment, or explanation that is related to something that was just mentioned[/ex]
'Why didn't you invite me?' 'Well, the thing is, I didn't think you would want to come.'[/ex]

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